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There needs to be a balance in the amount of water you drink daily.   When you cut back on drinking water, your urine gets more concentrated.   This strong smelling dark urine can irritate the bladder and intensify your OAB symptoms.  In addition, not drinking enough water can lead to constipation. This can also lead to worsening OAB symptoms.

Instead, you should drink when you are thirsty.  Sip your water throughout the day instead of gulping it down.

You also receive about 20% of your water from your diet, especially from fruit and vegetables.  Keep in mind that what you do eat impacts your OAB symptoms as well.  See Dietary Irritants. 

Try these other tips to help you find the perfect amount of water with overactive bladder.

  • Use a smaller cup to fill up when you’re thirsty.

  • If you see the color of your urine getting too dark, you’ll want to drink a little more. Your urine should be light yellow or nearly colorless.

  • Avoid drinking too much water close to bedtime. If you’re urinating more than twice a night, stop drinking fluids after dinner.

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