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Create a process of implementation of the clinical pathway from a clinician’s standpoint.  Streamline process of pathway development, define roles of physicians, nurses and navigators.  Create documents that can be customized for utilization within any clinic situation.

Physician Education

Physicians drive the pathways. The key to starting a pathway is simplifying the pathway for the provider.  It must be a process that is reproducible, simple and easy to use without an increase in work.

Pathway Tips for Providers

In order to improve outcomes of pathways some upfront education will be necessary to explain to patients why we are using pathways and navigation.

If providers engage with patients they are more likely to do what they are asked to do.  No longer will we send a patient out with suggestions, medications and have them return and say “I didn’t do that” or “I don’t remember which medication worked”

We will be able to provide rationale and explanations for why we ask people to avoid irritants, do pelvic floor exercises or change behavior.  In addition the pathway guides patients from conservative therapies to medications and then tertiary treatments in a stepwise fashion that follows guidelines.

We will be able to study our outcomes and improve our processes in taking care of people.

If a patient is successful on a pathway and doing well we will be able to determine this through the Navigator and avoid an unnecessary visit for a patient to tell us they are doing well.  In addition if a patient is not doing well on a given therapy or pathway they will be able to advance to the next step in the pathway without coming in to the office to advance to the next phase.

If they do not engage and interact we will know and reach out to them to see how they are doing.  In addition if they are struggling we will be able to help them with education and advice on how to deal with side effects or poor efficacy.

What do you need to do to help patients be successful?

  • Tell them about the pathway.
  • Provide them with the pathway brochure and overview.
  • Show them the pathway flowsheet.
  • Tell them that we want them to interact and that we will be contacting them.
  • Suggest mobile application with banner notifications.
  • Communicate with navigator in your note if you are altering the pathway.

Services Available from Rogue Medical Solutions

Creation or modification of clinical pathways

Consulting regarding implementation of clinical pathways

Navigation of existing clinical pathways through Doctella and Rogue Medical Solutions

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