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About Us

Rogue medical solutions, LLC is a physician owned company which is partnering with Doctella to develop guidelines based electronic based patient and practice navigation for urologic medical conditions.

The navigator application utilizes the Doctella platform to provide patient education and evidence based guideline navigation through an electronic interface to enhance patient compliance, improve operational efficiencies and provide appropriately timed interventions and new therapeutic alternatives to patients with urologic conditions.

Use of the platform can aid nurse navigators, nurses and providers to care for patients with urologic conditions.

Patients in the pathway can be viewed on a dashboard and alerts can be generated for both patients and providers. Treatment related data can easily be generated and visualized improving compliance with the disease specific navigation pathway.

Why did we start developing care pathways?

Over the course of the last several years we have continued discussing electronic navigation of patients in order to streamline care and improve patient compliance and outcomes. Initially we thought that in the era of potentially having bundled care we could improve management of patients and decrease office visits and thus costs by electronically communicating with patients and avoid unnecessary follow up appointments for patients doing well. Additionally patients who were struggling would be identified earlier and appropriate follow up would be determined prior to coming in to the office. This would improve efficiency and decrease unproductive time for both the patient and practitioner.

Overactive Bladder seemed like a reasonable choice as the management of the condition is quite standardized among an individual practitioner. Ty